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Image by Christine Sandu

Virtual Reality an immersive simulated experience that can be very similar to the real world. In combination with our architectural rendering software we are able to teleport you into the virtually created project in a second.

If you plan to build a family house, an office building or you plan to refurbish your office or a restaurant, we will create the concept for you and the presentation will go into the VR headset. This way you can feel the real space and check, if the living room is big enough, the space between the tables in your restaurant will be sufficient or your kitchen arrangement will fit your requirements.

Why to use it

This technology allows interested parties to walk through a new building even if it is still under construction. You can assess spatial dimensions, change perspectives, choose wall paints, furniture and floor coverings, and see in the real time, how colors, patterns and materials change. Without any doubt, this kind of experience is much more engaging than looking at the photo.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Why to use it

Main Features

You can almost touch your project.

You teleport yourself to other room, rooftop or to the garden.

You can design your future space wearing the VR headset.

You can specify changes while walking in the future.

You can rethink your project. 

We redisign the concept and present the changes in VR.

Remote presentations are possible and very useful.

Main Features

How it works

You can order our architectural services, but this is not a must.

If you have drawings of your project, or already the 3D of it from your architects, we are able to convert the files into our VR 3D software.

We meet in our office or in your own home or office and you can explore your project wearing our VR headsets.

In case of remote presentation we upload the content to a browser, facebook or other platform with VR feature. Than you can use your own VR glasses to step into your future.

You take your time and enjoy your future project in VR.

Your changes are incorporated into the project.

Stálé setkání
How it works
Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Who can use it

People, who plan to build their house or garden.

People planning interior refurbishments.

Companies, which plan to build buildings for business.

Architects to add value to the presentations in front of clients.

Real estate sellers to sell furnishing ideas, changes.

Developers when thinking about projects.

Designers to preview products before prototyping.

Furniture or other products producers.

Students for an immersive education.

Automotive or healthcare industries.

Artists can create life-size artwork beiing in it.

Friends or colleagues for social and business meetings.

Retail and online products selling.

And of course for entertainment and gambling.

Who can use it


Pricing is always an individual process, as there are too many moments to think of it. However we are ready to introduce you the basic pricing to imagine the investment level into the VR world of your project.

Nevertheless our VR services are for free for our clients, who order our architectural services.

Image by Josh Appel
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